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 Role: Creative Director • Agency: Seso

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) Panama is approaching a grand centennial celebration. Their research drives global discussion and debate on matters critical to our environment. How can this amazing story and science be shared?

Starting with a provocative research question, the visitor is led into the story by understanding the connections between their world and STRI's world. Meeting the scientists in their environment caps the experience with a personal, editorially driven interaction.

Behind The Scenes: Site Architecture


Role: Creative Director • Agency: Seso

Puns aside, understanding the depth, breadth, and connected nature of the STRI research landscape requires many collaborative sketches to understand the possibilities to tell rich stories. It's been an effort akin to writing a magazine: format triggers writing, visuals trigger new interactions, and conversations with the researchers put it all into context. Detailed wireframes have been a safe-haven and a powerful collaborative tool.

Panama Trip